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Five go Camping!
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School Diary

June 2017

Monday26th Year 3-5 Residential Carlton Lodge
Monday26th Year 6 Art Day
Monday26th KS1 Activity Week
Tuesday27th Year 6 French and Bushcraft Day
Tuesday27th KS1 to Kirkstall Abbey
Tuesday27th Years 3-5 Residential Carlton Lodge
Wednesday28th Year 3-5 Residential Carlton Lodge
Wednesday28th2:15pmU11 Rounders vs Richmond House (H)
Thursday29th EYFS & KS1 Sports Day
Thursday29th4:15pm - 7:45pmEYFS Parents’ Evening
Friday30th Rounders Fest (back up)
Friday30th 8.40am Head’s Assembly
Friday30th9:30amKS1 Dress Rehearsal
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