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Forms and Houses


Early Years

Head of Early Years Miss Wendy Cooper
SquirrelsMrs Sarah Bradbury, Miss Jenny Meachin
FoxesMiss Wendy Cooper
ReceptionMrs Lisa Monteagle

Lower School

KS1 ManagerMrs Sharon Wheelhouse
Year 1Mrs Sharon Wheelhouse
Year 2Miss Laura Holbrook

Upper School

KS2 ManagerMrs Katy Doherty
Year 3Miss Stephanie Hill
Year 4Mr Nathan Brook
Year 5Mrs Laura Grayson
Year 6Mrs Kate Doherty


On entering Reception Class, each child is allocated a ‘House’. Family connections are taken into account when this is done.
The three Houses are as follows:

ADAMS (orange)
PALIN (green)
SHARMAN (blue)

The house system is an important focus for personal development in sporting and cultural activities. The house system provides opportunities for developing commitment, participation, loyalty and leadership as pupils progress through the school.

Colours are awarded for excellence and commitment for the following activities: netball, rounders, rugby, football, cricket, cross country and swimming. Half colours are awarded as a step along the way to a possible full colours award. Full colours holders wear a purple tie with gold school crests. Half colours holders wear a yellow badge with the appropriate title.

Positions of Responsibility
Head of School
House Captains
Assistant House Captains
Form Captains
Vice Captains

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