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Music And Drama

Music is a huge part of life at Moorlands. There are currently eleven ensembles, including Choir, Chamber Choir, Orchestra and percussion to name a few. We take part in the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena every year and enjoy entering local competitions.

Children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument from an early age and we have a well qualified team of peripatetic musicians that visit the school each week. A high percentage of children learn at least one instrument, with many learning two instruments in school.

From age 2 children enjoy weekly specialist teaching, with children in Year 1 and 2 benefitting from two lessons a week. All children in Year 1 learn piano as part of the curriculum and children in Year 2 and 3 learn recorder. Children are encouraged to play to each other on a regular basis and often prepare pieces to perform in assembly.

Various year groups are involved in a number of events during the school year, including Harvest Festival, Christmas Nativities and Service, Easter Service, House Talent Competition, Speech Day and Concerts.

Moorlands has a well-established reputation for staging memorable performances, from classic plays in Key Stage 2 such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Wind in the Willows – to modern musicals including What a Knight, Ye-Ha! and Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. Key Stage 1 also stages a production in the Summer Term and they have performed Tuishi Pamoja, Pirates and Mermaids and The Goblin Next Door.

As well as our annual school productions, all children throughout the school receive thirty minutes specialised drama lessons where the emphasis is on developing improvisation, imaginative role play, performance poetry and confidence.

Every winter, children in Key Stage 2 visit the West Yorkshire Playhouse for the annual Christmas musical and also take part in a drama workshop and a behind-the-scenes tour with one of the directors. Children in Key Stage 1 enjoy their annual trip to the pantomime in Harrogate

We firmly believe that drama offers a real life skill, allowing children of all abilities the chance to find their voice and nurture their talent.

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